“Your heart is basically a ticking time bomb that can blow up at any moment unless you lose some weight.”



The doctor's blunt warning was like hit in the gut. I could see on Jennifer's face the wave of emotions that came rushing at her. She was ashamed of what was happening to her.


For a long time now she was very self-aware of the pounds that kept adding on, yet she never truly realized that this could turn into something serious....something that could jeopardize her health.

Overwhelmed by the weight of these words, and disappointed in herself, my wife looked over at me and started crying uncontrollably.

Despite having tried every exercise routine, diet and weight loss drug out there, the fat was still clinging to her belly like a leech.

And she simply couldn’t find the willpower to turn her life around because it felt like she was fighting a losing battle.

So why am I telling you all this?

Well, because coming face to face with the terrifying experience of seeing my wife strapped to a hospital bed

Fighting for her life after passing out behind wheel and crashing into a tree on the side of the road at 80 mph…

Also sent me on an eye-opening journey through the dark underbelly of the weight loss industry.

A journey that would expose its dark and twisted practices.

And reveal the truth about weight loss.

But more importantly… It would lead me to uncover a shocking medical secret that has the power to help you regain control over your body and health.

An unusual, yet incredibly effective and 100% natural method, to get rid of all that excess weight that’s been keeping you from living life to the fullest until now.

This exact method, also helped Jennifer lose 52 pounds.

Going from this…                  to this...

in just 6 short weeks

And best of all, she was able to do it in her kitchen, with just 2 minutes a day.

Without the use of any drugs, injections, outdated low-calorie diets, surgery or strenuous workout plans…

But as jaw-dropping and incredible as this all sounds… This solution, I am about to reveal, is also supported by countless peer-reviewed medical studies.

And it’s scientifically proven to activate your body’s natural fat-burning system.

In fact, the method by which this was all possible, lies in a little-known molecule hidden deep in the anatomy of our brain , which every out of shape person is in short supply of.

This molecule, is responsible for controlling your body's natural fat burning switch, which finally destroys those unwanted extra pounds you’ve been carrying around your problem areas.

But it doesn’t stop there. This exact method has also been shown to restore your skin’s elasticity, improve your moodenergize your body and even turn back the clock on your health.

All while keeping diseases such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol as well as painful arthritis at bay.

In fact, this 100% safe and natural method.

And I guarantee it will work for you no matter your age, genetics, or even if you have a super slow metabolism.

What’s more, I will tell you exactly how you can get your hands on this method, today.

Without paying a dime if you don’t want to. And I will reveal exactly why in just a few minutes.

But before we continue, I must warn you.

This presentation could be taken down at any moment by the greedy weight loss industry who wants to deny this breakthrough discovery.

And that’s because what I am about to tell you, could cost them billions of dollars in profits, destroy their credibility and even make them obsolete.


So at this point, it’s absolutely vital that you watch this presentation till the end.

Because if you’ve ever struggled to lose weight, even a few pounds, then by following the advice in this presentation, in just a few short weeks from today, you’ll not only look and feel like a completely new person.

You will also get rid of all the frustration caused by your weight, regain control over your life and health and go back to do the things you love most.

But like I said before, this hasn’t worked only for my wife. 48,899 other people experienced amazing results with this method.

These are all real people with real success stories who experienced amazing body transformations. I will share with you exactly how they did it step-by-step in just a few moments.

But before we get into that, let me tell you quickly who I am.

My name is Scott Faye.

And I live with my beautiful wife Jennifer and our two lovely children in Nashville, Tennessee.

And while in the short term they did help move the needle on the scale a bit, soon it became clear that they are not worth the effort.

And for the past decade, I witnessed firsthand my wife’s struggle with being overweight.

She tried all kinds of popular diets, strenuous exercise routines and weight loss pills. Just to fit into a party dress or get bikini ready before summer.

Because instead of losing that extra weight, with every single low-calorie diet, or pill she tried she only became more frustrated.

Plus in the long run these gave her insomnia, nervousness, fatigue, nausea and even kidney problems. Not to mention that all the weight came back with a vengeance.

This kept happening throughout the years. Until she started to ignore her growing waistline and considered it a lost battle.

At that point, the frustration was unbearable, she was getting more and more depressed because it felt like her life was going downhill. And nobody knew where the abyss ended.

The reality was that rather than targeting the source of the problem, which I will share with you in a moment, these so-called solutions just treated the symptoms.

This is also why no weight loss is permanent. And you always find yourself back in the same frustrating spot after putting a huge amount of effort and money into losing weight.

And perhaps my beloved wife would have probably still been caught in that frustrating cycle, if it hadn't been for that terrifying moment that nearly ended her life two years ago.

Had Jennifer known this life-saving information, it would have spared her from a great amount of frustration, pain and suffering.

In fact the only reason why I am telling you my wife’s heart-wrenching story is because I don’t want something similar to happen to you.

You see, it was September 23rd 2015, our anniversary. And Jennifer had the whole evening planned out for us.

She wanted to surprise me with a nice home cooked dinner.

So she dropped off the kids at her parents and went grocery shopping.

But what she had planned to be a nice evening for two, took a turn for the worse when on the way home, while driving, she experienced symptoms of a massive heart attack followed by cardiac arrest.

This left her unconscious, barely breathing after crashing into a tree on the side of the road.

After 8 minutes of CPR and 7 shocks later she was transported to the nearest hospital.

I still remember like it was yesterday when I got the call. It was almost 10 p.m.

And I rushed to the hospital as soon as I could, imagining the worst.

“I have good news and bad news for you”, said the emergency room physician as he walked with me towards Jennifer’s room.

“Your wife is fine now. However, she still needs to stay here for a few more days until she feels better.

“The bad news is that she has a serious heart condition, called coronary artery disease, which basically means that her arteries are clogged with cholesterol reducing blood flow to the heart.

So we had to perform an emergency bypass surgery.”

„But even with the clot busting drugs, the blood thinners and everything else we gave your wife, the damage to her heart is simply too great.

And I would be lying if I promised you any kind of improvement. Years of dieting and pills have taken their toll on her heart as well.”

Terrified at what I was about to be shown, I felt a hole in my stomach as we entered Jennifer’s room and the doctor pulled out her test results.

And there it was the cold hard brutal truth staring us in the face.

On the left a healthy heart, on the right, hers.

How did this happen?

Who was to blame?

These were the questions I couldn't get out of my head.

Isn’t there something we could do? I asked, practically begging for a sign of hope.

“I’m sorry”, he started. And then he let out the words that made my blood curl.

“I don't think there’s much we could do at this point unless she finds a way to lose all of that weight quickly.

So I’d suggest you put your affairs in order. From my estimations, she will not make it more than a few months. Because the next heart attack may be her last.”

I couldn’t believe it, he was practically saying that I only had a few lousy months with my wife?!

The thought of losing her was unbearable.

And standing by Jennifer’s bed, watching her in agonizing pain, tore me apart.

I took her hand into mine and started sobbing.

I tried to be strong for her, but couldn’t hold back the tears anymore.

Because I was mad. Mad at the doctors for not being to help her, but mostly mad at myself for allowing something like this to happen.

I was her husband I was supposed to protect her. And there she was now, stranded in a hospital bed, connected to all kinds of machines and tubes, and with a scar the size of China on her chest.

I needed a moment to pull myself together so I stepped outside the room for a second and went to the buffet to get a cup coffee.

I then sat down in the waiting area, thinking of all the happy moments we’ve shared together. Our wedding, our honeymoon, the birth of our children.

These were the memories I tried to hold on to as much as possible while practically forcing myself to erase the possibility of losing her from my mind.

Because I just couldn’t wrap my head around it.

How did she go from being a perfectly healthy 44-year-old woman to having a time bomb strapped to her chest?

She had no history of heart diseasedidn’t smoke or eat any fast food.

But then I had a fateful, and unexpected conversation with a nice old lady.

Her name was Anahita and she must have overheard me and the doctor talking because what she said next left me completely speechless.

“There is something you could do…”

Excuse me? I replied trying not to seem rude.

“For your wife… There is something you could to do to help her. In my country, we have a different approach to weight problems.”

What do you mean? Where are you from? I asked, while still trying to put the bits of information together.

“I am from a small village in northern Iran and we struggle with obesity there as well… But unlike here, we don’t take drugs and starve ourselves. We’ve been using a special ancient spice for over 3,500 years.

What spice, I asked desperate for an answer.

At that moment the doctor came back with more updates on Jennifer’s condition. And when I turned around the frail old lady was gone.

But that night, as soon as I got home and tucked the kids in, I couldn’t get out of my head the conversation with Anahita.

I typed into Google what I remembered from it, trying to find out what was that mysterious spice she talked about.

And to my surprise, lots of results popped out about a certain type of spice, known for its amazing weight loss properties.

Now I’ll tell you what this spice is in just a second…

But before I do…

You’re probably wondering how on earth one simple herb could possibly make such a huge differencein your weight.

How could it allow you burn several pounds of stubborn body fat every day…

Dramatically skyrocketing your vitality.

Improving your blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Well, for the next couple of days while Jennifer was still in the hospital, recuperating, all I did was immerse myself in medical journals at the local library.

And what I found out changed everything I thought I knew about weight loss.

I discovered that the root cause of weight gain is in fact… serotonin deficiency.

At first I admit, this sounded a bit bizarre, but the more I read about this, the more sense it made.

Now you’ve likely heard of serotonin before…

Serotonin, or 5-Hydroxytryptamine (5-HT), is a biochemical messenger and regulator, found in the central nervous system, and also known as the feel-good hormone.

But what few people know is that serotonin also controls mood, satiety, hunger as well as fat metabolism.

You see when this hormone is found in enough quantities in your bloodstream, it basically keeps you full without feeling the need to overeat.

When the level of serotonin drops however, you find yourself fighting uncontrollable cravings and feel the urge to raid the fridge.

In fact, Dr. Michael Smith, MD, senior health scientist for Life Extension, and the author of The Supplement Pyramid, explains the process:

When the brain has an adequate amount of serotonin, a certain amount of calories—whether it is 500, 600, 700, or 800, because we are all different,[…] is going to lead to a feeling of fullness quicker when you have an adequate serotonin level versus low serotonin. To feel full with low serotonin often means you have to overeat. The other thing that is interesting with serotonin is that it is linked to binging and cravings, specifically for sugar.

Dr. Michael Smith, author of The Supplement Pyramid
Dr. Michael Smith, author of The Supplement Pyramid

And that’s not all, completely independent from food intake, researchers have also found that serotonin levels also trigger the burning of fat in the gut.

Now perhaps you are wondering what exactly leads to low serotonin levels.

Well, unfortunately, with age, levels of this precious hormone tend to decline. And we can see this through an increase in vulnerability to food.

Even worse than that, by making unhealthy foods choices, most people sometimes sabotage their own serotonin levels without even knowing it.

That’s because while foods like bread, potato chips and sugar-laden choices temporarily raise serotonin levels and make you feel better, in the long-run, they actually rob you of this important hormone, leading to the same frustrating cycle.

Based on these discoveries, it was clear to me that serotonin was the real culprit behind Jennifer’s weight problem.

And that healthy levels of this compound are key to her overall health.

Because besides weight gain, a drop in serotonin levels can also lead to irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, anxiety, mood swings, trouble sleeping, poor immune function, fatigue, migraines and even memory and concentration problems.

However, the good news is that restoring serotonin to healthy levels is entirely possible through an ancient Iranian herb.

Perhaps you’ve heard of saffron before.

It’s a spice native to southwest Asia, derived from the crocus sativus plant.

And has been used for centuries as a key seasoning as well as to treat all kinds of medical diseases in many Asian countries.

But what few people know, is that this spice also owns some truly impressive weight loss properties.

In fact, in 2010, Nutrition Research, conducted a randomized placebo-controlled study on the weight loss effects of saffron.

In 2012, Dr. Oz himself dedicated an entire show to this king spice, having two women test it over the weekend.

At the end of this small study, both participants noticed a reduction in the frequency and intensity of their hunger and cravings, and they lost 3 to 5 pounds in just 3 days. Without any food restrictions whatsoever.

Now don’t go rolling your eyes. Because I knew better than just get excited about something a TV personality was pushing.

So I looked even deeper.

Apparently what makes this spice incredibly powerful in the fight against weight gain is its multi-action approach.

That’s right, saffron helps weight loss by:

  • Curbing unhealthy snacking urges
  • Cleansing the body
  • Reducing cravings
  • Inducing satiety
  • Maintaining digestive health
  • Stabilizing insulin levels which means your body will start burning fat instead of storing it
  • Fighting stress and stress-related weight gain that ends up in the mid-section
  • Reducing possible sleep disturbance-related weight gain by aiding in sleep
  • And boosting and regulating metabolism

And all these amazing benefits can be attributed to saffron’s main compounds: Crocin, Crocetin, Picrocrocin, Saffranal and Riboflavin.

But that’s not all. The healing powers of this spice go way beyond weight loss.

As saffron has been proven extremely effective in: 

  • Fighting dry skin and collagen breakdown
  • Keeping free radicals at bay thanks to its very strong antioxidant components
  • Reducing anxiety by lowering the levels of the stress hormone cortisol
  • Improving focus
  • And supporting cardiovascular health thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties

So now that I knew how saffron worked, there was only one thing left to do.

Find out what’s the fastest, safest and easiest way to start adding it to Jennifer’s diet each day.

One option was to begin cooking with it.

But while that certainly wasn’t a bad idea… There was a problem.

You see, when it comes to spices like saffron…

It’s very hard to tell if the ingredients are high quality or not.

And that’s a big deal because a lot of the commercial saffron these days is grown in soils that are robbed of their nutrients due to pollutants and pesticides.

So the only option left was taking a supplement.

Since I was new to this, I figured I should search for a saffron supplement online and in stores.

But I couldn’t find one that met my requirements for purity and quality.

Because the saffron used in them was either incredibly low quality, or diluted with other cheap useless fillers.

And I risked paying a premium price for a supplement that wouldn’t deliver even 5% of the benefits of saffron.

I am not sure if you know this, but at up to $25 per gram, saffron is the most costly food in the world, surpassing caviar and truffles.

This made me realize that if I wanted to get the absolute best results from using saffron with none of the drawbacks, I needed to  find an ultra-grade and pure supplement…

Something that also includes the perfect dosage of saffron. And that’s grown naturally, free of pesticides and other toxins.

At this point, even though everything was clear as day to me… why nothing worked so far for Jennifer and what was the perfect way to boost serotonin levels to turn on good mood and fat burning…

I admit, I did feel a little overwhelmed. After all, I had no medical training. And only the thought of losing my wife kept me going so far.

So I knew that if I wanted to give this to Jennifer, I would need to get some help.

Weeks probably passed by before I could find someone.

But eventually the help came in the form of Dr. Ezra Hogarth, a medical researcher specialized in the neurobiology of obesity at one of the top Universities in California.

Dr. Hogarth was impressed by the research I’ve done and the idea of working on improving serotonin levels using saffron picked his interest.

The timing couldn’t have been better.

He needed funding and I needed an expert to help me turn all of my research into a real natural solution for Jennifer that actually worked.

After flying to California for a few days, I told Dr. Hogarth all about my wife’s condition, my research and asked if he would help me with developing a supplement.

“I’d love to, he said but I am currently caught in other projects at the university, and they won’t fund other research studies.”

Why? I asked.

“Because so far the pharmaceutical companies have been providing all our funding. And they threatened to cut off all our money if we dared to touch this subject.”

I couldn’t believe it.

While so many people were suffering from weight related diseases like type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, blood pressure and arthritis…

All they cared about was profits?

That’s all we are to them? Dollar signs?

So if anything, this motivated me to go even further with my plan.

Because I was not going to let greedy weight loss companies dictate whether my wife lives or dies.

So I explained to him that I had some money, not much. Some savings and that I could also take a second mortgage on the house.

And that this was basically the last chance to save my wife from death’s claws.

So he agreed to help me and after I sent him all my research about saffron and serotonin, he started to investigate this in depth at the lab he was working at.

Just like me, he wasn’t convinced that the supplements out there are 100% pure, so he suggested to create one of our own.

For this, we had to import the finest Persian saffron we could find.

And sure, lots of studies and tests followed for the next few months, trying to figure out the right dosage that would have the biggest impact on Jennifer’s weight. But it was all worth it in the end.

Because after just 12 weeks, we had our first batch of 100% pure saffron extract.

And who better to test it on, if not my wife, Jennifer.

At first she was a little reluctant because after she got out of the hospital she tried to make peace with the fact that her health was on a downward trajectory and that there was nothing she could do.

In fact at that point, she was already saying her goodbyes to our relatives and friends.

But as a one last resort she eventually agreed to try it.

3 days after she starting taking it, there was no improvement in Jennifer’s condition. But Dr. Hogarth said to be patient because this didn’t work overnight.

And then, on the 7th day, something incredible happened. I was in the kitchen making breakfast, when Jennifer called me.

She was on the scale, smiling.

I took one look at the display and dropped my coffee on the floor.

Jennifer’s face lit up for the first time in months and tears of joy started flooding her beautiful face.

Because in just 7 days she had managed to drop 8 pounds.

From that point on, she lost one pound after another. Until the day of her monthly checkup came and an even better news awaited us.

I will never forget that day at the hospital. The thrill on Jennifer’s face, that spark in her eyes were priceless as the doctor talked about her test results.

“None of this makes sense. You have the chemical body composition of a 30 year old. The scans and blood tests came back normal. I’ve never seen a patient experience such a mind-blowing transformation in over 27 years as a doctor.

You’ve lost 52 pounds, your blood pressure is 120 over 90, your blood sugar and LDL cholesterol levels are back to normal and there’s no sign of arterial plaque. This is nothing short of amazing!”

With these words, we left the hospital and it was like a huge weight has just been lifted off our shoulders.

Dr. Hogarth and I were extremely proud of what we have accomplished.

But I couldn’t help but ask myself whether this was a one-time thing or the secret to fighting weight gain at the source.

So seeing my wife’s incredible transformation, as well as the positive changes in her life, motivated us to test this on a group of 40 volunteers as well.

And just like in Jennifer’s case, the results were nothing short of amazing.

Each and every one of them lost weight while simultaneously reversing symptoms of type 2 diabetes, arthritis and significantly reducing the risk of heart disease and even stroke.

Some of them were even able to cut back on some of the dangerous meds they were on at the beginning of the program.

I felt incredible when I saw these people transforming their lives overnight and I realized that this experience radically changed my life’s mission and me as well.

As I became even more determined to see no one else suffer from a similar fate like my wife.

So, inspired by all these success stories, Dr. Hogarth and I decided to spread the word on the real culprit of weight gain and help as many people as possible.

We knew that we would have no luck convincing a big company to produce something that targets the root cause of weight loss 100% naturally.

So we took it upon ourselves to produce this on a larger scale.

We looked for a manufacturing facility that would meet our strict requirements for safety and production and called it SlimPure.

SlimPure is perfect for anyone looking to lose weight safely and quickly without the use of any drugs, low calorie diets or strenuous exercise.

Most importantly, there are no chemicals, additives or other stimulants in this supplement that would cause side effects, addiction or other interactions.

And while losing weight is indeed a complex process, I guarantee you there is not a safer, more effective way to take your mind off unhealthy foods and boost metabolism, than by balancing your serotonin levels naturally with SlimPure.

Because SlimPure delivers the exact dosage of saffron proven to help you lose weight, while still enjoying your favorite foods.


This means that there is virtually no limit on the weight you can lose.


Because unlike low-calorie weight loss solutions - which put a huge amount of pressure on your body, leading to frustration, fatigue and eventually cheating - SlimPure gives you the energy and support you need in order to achieve your goal weight quickly and safely.

Even better, SlimPure also increases mood and energy levels. These are key factors in any weight loss journey, when you lose the strength and motivation to go on, the fatigue starts setting in.

And that’s not all, aside from helping with weight loss, SlimPure also:

  • Relieves stress and insomnia
  • Boosts libido
  • Makes your skin radiant and smooth
  • Sharpens your memory
  • Improves digestion

In fact, 88.50 mg, twice a day, is all you need to start losing weight and finally regain control over your health.

As each capsule contains non-GMO, organic certified, non-stimulating, pure Persian saffron.

What’s more, SlimPure is produced in the U.S.A. in a GMP and FDA-approved facility.

And the saffron in it is third party tested for purity and quality.

Simply put, here’s what you need to know…

SlimPure works in two ways to help you get back in shape…

1: It triggers your body’s natural ability to remove fat by boosting metabolism and balancing insulin levels.

2: It regulates appetite, mood and energy levels and induces satiety.

Leading not only to rapid, effective, and safe weight loss but also to a healthier, happier life.

However, before we go on any further it’s important for me to be honest with you…this is not a quick fix.

So if what you are looking for is a silver bullet approach to weight loss, or some other magic pill that you know will never work, then let me tell you straight off the bat.

SlimPure is not for you.

Instead SlimPure was designed for people who are serious about this and are ready to put down magic weight loss answers in order to follow a clinically proven, 100% natural solution to defeat their weight problems.

So if you are committed to taking matters into your own hands and get the body you desire, then SlimPure isn't just a weight loss method for you, it's the only method for you.

Because the reality is that achieving successful long-term weight loss and overall good health is based on simple changes you can stick to for your entire life. Not drastic ones.

And SlimPure is just that. A long-term solution. When you add it to your diet you will not only notice an overall less interest in foods that are not nutritious, but also an increase in mood and energy within days.

I mean can you imagine how much faster and easier you lose weight when you have your body working in overdrive for you instead of against you?

Try to picture how much firmer and flatter your stomach will become and how much sexier you will look and feel just a few weeks from now.

Or how about the things you will be able to do from now on, that you were previously too ashamed to even think about… Things like putting on a bikini and going to the beach…

Trying on sexier, tighter clothes or playing in the backyard with your kids or grandkids.

In many ways, SlimPure works like a switch that takes your mind off bad carbs, cakes and sweets and triggers fat burning.

What’s more it does not cause the kind of side effects that you normally get with diet pills.

Now remember as I explained before, SlimPure is expensive to produce and we feel it is our responsibility to share this with as many people as possible.

For now, by not going retail and connecting directly through you, we’ve been able to keep costs low.

But as you can imagine this is risky because we also gave up our financial cushion. And at any moment production or importing cost could go up.

SlimPure is the result of months of research and lab work, targeting the exact source of weight gain.

And we simply could not leave this to chance.

So in order to eliminate the risk, and make sure other people will continue to benefit from SlimPure, we came up with the idea of a merger.

A big supplement company made us an offer that could help shoulder the financial burden from now on.

At this point, we are still discussing the last details of the deal, but once everything is in place, we will start selling SlimPure for $99.99.

But while I think that’s very fair, I also know that many people are on a fixed income. And that $99.99 is simply too much to ask.

So after much back-and-forth with our partners, they agreed to let us give you a special deal right inside this presentation.

This means, that through this presentation only you can get SlimPure… not for $99.99.

Instead, for as long this presentation is still up, we are going to sell SlimPure for the insanely discounted price of just $49.99.

Instead, for as long this presentation is still up, we are going to sell SlimPure for the insanely discounted price of just $49.99.

That means $50 in instant savings.

And that’s not all. Get this...

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Unlike other supplements which can lose potency if they aren’t stored properly … SlimPure will not go bad in your kitchen cabinet.

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I mean let’s put it like this. Would you rather think back at this moment a few weeks from now, while struggling to get your pants on, and wish you had taken action?

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So what’s it gonna be?

In this presentation you’ve heard the undeniable truth about weight loss.

How the real culprit behind it is a little known condition called serotonin deficiency.

And I also shared with you the heart-breaking story of my wife, Jennifer, who was one step from losing her life in a car crash.

Because of a sudden heart attack caused by her weight.

This however wasn’t her fault.

Just like you and many other people, she had been manipulated and bombarded with bad information for far too long by the evil marketing masterminds behind those bogus diets and weight loss pills.

Who are only interested in taking your money.

And you’ve also discovered the proven way to boost serotonin levels completely naturally.

Simply put, SlimPure has the power to turn your body into a fat-burning machine and reprogram it to stay thin and healthy!

Because it contains the most sought after weight loss ingredient of the hour to flush all that toxic fat from your body, curb cravings, increase satiety and improve mood and energy levels…

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And soon you will also be able to put on new tighter clothes that look sexy.

And finally regain control over your body, health and life.

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PREMIUM: 5 bottles

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STANDARD: 3 bottles

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As I see it, you are standing at a crossroad right now…

You can choose to stay on the path you are on right now. A path of depression, frustration and disappointment.

But you know as well as I do that this will only lead to even more fat piling up around your waistline, affecting your self-esteem and every other major aspect of your life.

All while making you the “perfect candidate” for severe life-threatening conditions like heart disease, hypertension and diabetes.

Most people live their lives thinking that they won’t be struck by a life-threatening disease caused by excessive weight.

But that’s until they get a rude wakeup call like my wife Jennifer did. And that’s if they are lucky.

I don’t know about you, but seeing my wife tied to a hospital bed, tubes coming out of her…

And hearing the doctor say that she only had a few months to live.

Was extremely hard on me.

Considering that 610,000 people die of heart disease every year in the US alone, that’s one in every 4 deaths.

And that 1 out of 3 adults are borderline diabetic without even knowing, is this really a risk worth taking? Is this something you want to put your family through?

Look, the bottom line is you don’t have to be another statistic, you deserve to be a success story.

Of course you could go back to the countless unproven methods out there that are not backed by science nor have anything to do with the true cause of weight gain.

You could go back to dieting and taking weight loss drugs, but deep down you know that if any of those had worked in the long term you wouldn’t have been listening to this presentation right now.

Because they are not only a band aid for your weight problem, but they also have negative effects on your health and don’t tackle the root cause of what’s causing the weight gain in the first place.

Look, life is too short for going around in circles.

And why would you put yourself through all that pain and misery when you can do the smart thing here and say “yes” to SlimPure.

As I see it you owe it to yourself to at least give it a try.

So I advise you to take advantage of today’s offer to claim your very own SlimPure and begin your new life.

Thanks to SlimPure, your favorite foods will now work for you and not against you, serving as fuel for your body’s natural fat burning system.

Imagine jumping out of bed every morning in anticipation of stepping on the scale and seeing the weight melting off with your own eyes.

Looking in the mirror and trying to get used to a slimmer sexier version of yourself.

Just a few weeks from now you will be able to wear your favorite clothes with confidence, attend social events and say “yes” to a wide range of opportunities you’ve never even considered before.

This is your chance to finally get out of the shell you’ve been living in for the past months even years and finally claim your right to a new life and new future.

So click the “Buy Now” button below, pick the right package for your needs and fill in your information. You will also get instant access to my 2 special bonuses, completely free.

BASIC: 1 bottle

Black Friday Price

$42.49 Per
Save $7.50 ($49.99)
Your Total Is: $42.49
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PREMIUM: 5 bottles

Black Friday Price

$34.99 Per
Save $75.00 ($249.95)
Your Total Is: $174.95
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STANDARD: 3 bottles

Black Friday Price

$39.99 Per
Save $29.99 ($149.97)
Your Total Is: $119.98
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DeliveryShipping Fee (1 bottle)Shipping Fee (more than 1 bottle)Shipping Time
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International$19.95$19.957-14 Days

And remember I removed all the risk here by offering you “My 60-Day No Questions Asked Empty Bottle Money Back Guarantee”.

Just say “maybe” to SlimPure and you have the next 60 days to test it and see with your own eyes how it will literally transform your body, mind and health.

I am Scott Faye, thank you for watching this presentation.

Still here? I totally get if you have some unanswered questions.

While this is a breakthrough supplement, it’s always good to make an informed decision.

So let me just answer some of the most common questions people have.

Hopefully, they will also help you realize that this is one of the best supplements out there.


  • q-iconHow and when should I take SlimPure?

    A: SlimPure is a dietary supplement, so take 1 capsule twice daily. Our research has shown that 177 milligrams (mg) per day is an effective dose of saffron for weight loss and health benefits.

  • q-iconHow many bottles should I order?

    A: Since SlimPure won’t got bad in your kitchen cabinet, most of our customers go with the 5 bottle package, which also offers them the greatest savings.

  • q-iconWhat can I eat with it?

    A: While taking SlimPure, nothing is off limits. You can still enjoy the foods you love most, without worrying that you will never stop eating them. You control the cravings not the other way around.

  • q-iconWho is SlimPure for?

    A: SlimPure is the perfect supplement for anyone interested in losing weight safely and quickly without low-calorie diets, surgery, weight loss drugs, or strenuous exercise routines.

  • q-iconIs this just another weight loss drug?

    A: No, SlimPure is in fact the opposite. It’s a safe, effective alternative to weight loss drugs which are filled with side effects and costly gastric bypass surgery. So it won’t compromise your long term health!

  • q-iconHow soon can I see results?

    A: Many of the SlimPure customers reported seeing a change in their weight after just a weekend of use. But results may vary so it’s important to be patient with yourself and remember, that a healthy lifestyle is just as important for maximum results. There is no silver bullet approach to weight loss.

  • q-iconIs SlimPure as effective for men as well?

    A: Absolutely! The clinical research behind SlimPure revealed that this works for both men and women. So men can expect to see their appetites and cravings significantly reduced in addition to enhanced mood and metabolism as well!

  • q-iconIs this caffeine free?

    A: Yes, it’s 100% caffeine free.

  • q-iconIs SlimPure made in the USA?

    A: Yes, it’s made in USA , in a GMP and FDA approved facility.

  • q-iconHow is SlimPure different from other saffron supplements?

    A: SlimPure is the result of months of research and lab work, targeting the exact source of weight gain, serotonin deficiency. And unlike other saffron supplements, it’s 100% natural… Containing pure organic certified Persian saffron that is not diluted with other cheap useless fillers. Plus it’s third party tested for purity and quality.

  • q-iconDoes SlimPure have side effects?

    A: Unlike weight loss drugs which can cause numerous, sometimes deadly side effects, including heart valve damage, birth defects, liver injury, and increased blood pressure, when taken in the recommended dosage, SlimPure can help you reach your goal weight quickly and safely. That’s because the main ingredient in it, saffron extract is an all-natural spice with a long history of use in medicine and cooking. However, just to be on the safe side, if you are on any kind of medication, nursing, pregnant or you suffer from a medical condition, you should check with your doctor first before taking SlimPure.

  • q-iconIs there a money back guarantee if this doesn’t work?

    A: Yes, we have a 60 Day No Question Asked Empty Bottle Money Back Guarantee.

  • q-iconWhy hasn’t my doctor told me about this?

    A: Well the answer is simple. While some of this breakthrough research is still very new and some doctors probably haven’t heard about it yet, chances are they would also recommend a pharmaceutical drug because they are used to taking out their prescription pads for everything.

  • q-iconWhat’s in saffron?

    A: Many of the medicinal properties of saffron can be attributed to a number of its compounds such as: Crocin, Crocetin, Picrocrocin and Safrana. These four powerful components of saffron naturally reduce your appetite, make you feel fuller so you eat less and help boost energy. While a fifth compound, Riboflavin, plays a key role in metabolism.

  • q-iconHow does SlimPure work?

    A: By increasing serotonin levels in the brain with SlimPure, you will no longer feel the urge to snack or overeat when you are feeling down, stressed or tired. Which like you now know is at the heart of weight gain.  In other words, you control your meals and calories consumed not the other way around. And that’s not all. SlimPure also regulates the metabolism and increases energy levels. Which makes it a complete weight loss supplement.

  • q-iconWhat other ingredients are found in SlimPure?

    A: This supplement contains 88.5mg of Pure Saffron Extract. Its other ingredients include Vegetable Cellulose (Veggie Capsules).

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