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Download Your PDF Guide: The Ultimate Guide To A Slim Life

This comprehensive program incorporates exclusive lifestyle advice from fitness instructors, nutritionists and doctors, you can’t get anywhere else. And will assure your long-term success through a few simple and easy lifestyle choices.

Download Your PDF Guide: 100 Weight Loss Super Tricks

This guide is jam packed with smart everyday tricks you can do around your house, that don’t require a change in your daily routine. These are very useful in case you don’t have time to work out every day but still want to tone up your body and keep the weight off.

Q.1. How do I access my products?

A. Just check your mailbox and you will find your link to access the product.

Q.2. Download errors or unable to open files

A. Our products are compiled in an Adobe Acrobat PDF file format. This format is compatible with all computers including Mac and PC.

To download the courses click the “Download Now” button that is located under each course. A window will appear. Make sure you click on the checkbox that says “Save File” and then click the OK button. By default, the file will be saved in My Documents/Downloads. If you have changed the path then it will be saved in the folder chosen by you. You need to have the most recent version of Adobe Reader on your computer, so you can get that here:

Q.3. What if my computer crashes and I lose my files?

A. Once you order the Myco Nuker, you will receive access to the members’ area. If you lose access, simply contact support and you’ll get the most updated collection. You can find the link to our products also in the mail received at the purchase.

Q.4. I just placed an order. Where can I find my invoice?

A. Please check your email inbox and spam folder to see your invoice.

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